12 Vocal Lessons DVD


Vocal Lessons DVD with Dan Whitley

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Based on Dan Whitley’s simple, direct teaching approach for children 12 and under.

Contains 12 lessons on 3 disks


* Breathing and posture
* Vowel placement and bridging
* Vocal tone and placement
* Diction and expresson
* Recording technique
* Interpretive speech-level-‘pop/opera/young to mature voice’
* Vocal fatigue/damage/illness consultation

A must for out-of-towners or instrumentalists that want to get into singing, but aren’t quite ready to make a full private instruction commitment. This product was produced so that anyone 12 and under can understand the concepts being taught. However, adults or anyone interested in good vocal training can benefit by purchasing the DVD. Any and all material is safe for young children to do and would never cause nodules or strained vocal chords or damage a young voice in any way shape or form.

Sample Lesson with Maddie Wilson

See and hear Maddie Wilson singing professionally now…