Joseph and Emma CD


Joseph and Emma CD

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CD by Dan Whitley & Chorus
© Copyright – Bonwhit House of Music / Bonwhit House of Music

Genre: Spiritual: LDS
Release Date: 1997


Song Title
1. The First Vision
2. Cumorah (feat. Judy Prowitt)
3. Joseph At Liberty
4. Make Us As One (feat. Judy Prowitt)
5. Tenderly, Tenderly (feat. Ruth Ann Nielsen)
6. Hyrum’s Song (feat. Jeff Gregerson)
7. A Poor Wayfaring Man Of Grief Medley (feat. John Prather)
8. Carthage Twilight (feat. Judy Prowitt)
9. Tribute (feat. Brent Marshall)
10. A Voice Of Gladness (feat. Goodman Children)
11. And When We Gather