Open Any Door


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LDS Gospel Musical Play from the 70’s, celebrating its 40th Anniversary in 2009.
Genre: Spiritual: Contemporary Christian
Release Date: 1969

song title time
1. Open Any Door 1:56
2. Heavenly Express 3:04
3. Who Am I? 1:49
4. Books Of The Old And The New Testament 2:16
5. Revelation – Restoration 2:15
6. Five-Sided Man 3:01
7. Joy 2:59
8. Achieving The Best That Is In Us 2:30
9. Adam 3:53
10. La La Laws 3:02
11. Arnold, My Computer 2:43
12. Can I Believe 3:43
13. Childhood To Charity 3:23
14. Eternal Life 1:09
15. Heaven’s Gift 4:03

Who Are the Justus Brothers?

The Justus Brothers are Dan Whitley (guitarist, composer, lead vocal), Bob Morphis (drums, composer, baratone), and Nick Pepper (keyboard, composer, and tenor).

About The Recording Engineer

John Neal, Recording Engineer, Paramount Pictures, Glen Glen Sound. In 1971 John was a neighbor to Dan in Woodland Hils, CA. He was working with Desi Lou (I Love Lucy) Productions recording Barbara Streisand and doing film score work when he invited Nick, Bob, and Dan into the studio and asked them to play something orginal. Dan pulled out his nylon string guitar and they recorded the basic track to “Who Am I”. Seven months later Open Any Door was born. And John’s engineering and producing genius, humbly called Dr Quad, created a discreet four-channel mix of the first contemporary LDS musical of it’s kind. In 2012 we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the musical co-written by Gordon Jump, Mike Wurgler, Dan and Bonnie Whitley, Nick Pepper, and Bob Morphis. Plans are in the making to have a 2012 40-year reunion for anyone involved in the stage production, recording, or as a customer. Our hope would be to have the lyrics translated into Spanish and do it as a multi-cultural celebration. Anyone interested in being a part of this reunion please feel free to contact us.