Windows of Light CD


Windows of Light CD

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CD by Various Artists
© Copyright – Bonwhit House of Music

Genre: Spiritual: LDS
Release Date: 1990

Song Title Artist(s)
1. Windows Of Light Dan Whitley, Jeff Gregerson, Mel Teeples
2. Dancin’ Dolly Richards
3. Window Washer Mike Hannan
4. Money Tom Hopkins
5. Harmony Chorus
6. Streets Marcus Rood, Pat Smith, Nyk Fry, Tom Hopkins
7. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark Dan Whitley
8. Lullaby Time Don Fairbanks
9. Harmony 2 Chorus
10. Happy Amber Madsen
11. Do Me Good Tom Hopkins
12. Send Yourself On A Mission Amber Madsen
13. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark Amy Petersen, Tom Hopkins
14. In This Moment Dan Whitley
15. Windows Of Light 2 Chorus